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Fascism on the Periphery
Fascism on the Periphery  – An international conference at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University, 17–18 November 2011

Call for papers:

Fascism on the Periphery

A Conference on the Birth and Development of Fascism in Northern,  East-Central and Southeastern Europe 1933–1945

On November 17th–18th 2011, the Hugo Valentin Centre and the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian studies, Uppsala University will hold an international conference on the development of fascism in parts of Europe during the period 1933–45. During the last decade, research on fascism has begun to move away from the rather sterile discussion of definitions into a new interest in the cultural, political and social contexts that enabled the growth of fascist organizations in Europe. The conference is part of this promising new trend and seeks to look more deeply into fascist ideology and politics by exploring the development of fascist organizations in different European cultural, socio-economic and political contexts.

The key topics that will be addressed are the organizational structure and growth of the movements, their ideological development, and the organization of repression. It is also the aim to create a platform and a meeting-place, where internationally renowned historians can meet with young researchers just finishing their work, which will hopefully pave the way for future collaboration.

Proposals both for sessions and papers are welcome, and should be sent to Mats.Deland AT or Tomislav.Dulic There will be a minor conference fee.
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