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Главы истории коммунизма и социализма

Принимаются статьи в электронный журнал "Главы истории коммунизма и социализма":

We are writing to announce a new journal, to be published electronically Chapters in the History of Communism and Socialism (CHOCS). We are now seeking submissions from scholars, independent writers and others who mayhave something to contribute. CHOCS is concerned with the entire history,theory and practice of communism and socialism – although twentieth century socialism and communism is a major focus of our interest we intend the journal to cover much more than the theory and practice of the communist states established in the twentieth century. Early communist and socialist theory and practice is also important to us – we very much welcome submissions on thinkers, writers, organisations, events and practices of earlier centuries. Submissions on communist and socialist thought and practice in countries perhaps little covered in existing journals are also very welcome.

Given the momentous events of the end of the last century and the transformation of communist states, we are particularly interested in receiving submissions from scholars working in the newly opened archives of those states, or who are using other sources (interviews, personal testimony, diaries, memoirs) to reinterpret or shed light on the practice and experience of communism. However, it is not only scholars who may be able to contribute to the discussion; those who lived through the communist years, in whatever capacity (as citizen or part of the apparatus of government), may wish to write for us, and such contributions will be welcome.

Submissions may take the form of articles, research notes, commentaries, interviews, memoirs and so forth. We do not wish to confine ourselves to the traditional ‘article and book reviews’ model of a journal.

Articles should normally not exceed 6000 words in length, although there will be exceptions to this rule. Other contributions should normally be shorter. At present we do not have books to send out for review, but we hope to establish this facility in the future.

Articles are welcome in the following languages: English (American and British), French, German, Russian, Chinese

If you can, please attach a translation to an article submitted in any of the aforementioned non-English languages. If you are unable to do this, we will sek to obtain a translation into English.

CHOCS is a non-partisan journal which will work to the highest academic standards. Submissions to CHOCS will be peer-reviewed.

CHOCS uses Open Journal software and all issues of the journal will be on open access, without payment.

We expect to publish CHOCS, initially, twice a year; the first issue is in preparation and this letter seeks additional submissions for it. In addition to articles and research notes we also hope to publish news of conferences and other events, and relevant historical documents, newly available or difficult to obtain.

To submit as an author we prefer you to register at the main site – the CHOCS home page is at Email and other data given to us in the process of registration will not be passed on to any other person or organisation. If you prefer not to register you may submit articles to these email addresses:

We have sent this email to as many institutions as we can in Europe, but we are sure that our mailing list does not cover all who are interested in this new journal. We would, therefore be very grateful if you would forward this mail to any individuals or institutions who may be interested in reading, or contributing to, this journal. We apologise if you have been inconvenienced by receiving this email. You may remove your name from our lists, if you wish, by replying to this mail with ‘STOP’ as the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you, and having you join our community of writers and researchers.

Editors: Paul Wingrove (University of Greenwich, London, UK) and Patrick Goode

Founding Editorial and Advisory Board Paul Wingrove (Greenwich U, London, UK) Patrick Goode (London, UK), Robert Benewick (Sussex U, Brighton, UK)
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