Ivanov Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich

Director of Russian Anthropological School at Russian State University for the Humanities

Field of research:

Slavic, Baltic, and Indo-European linguistics, mythology and folklore, Russian literature and culture


High School, Moscow (1940-41, 1943-46, with honors).

MA, Moscow State University, English Philology (1946-1951 with honors).

Ph.D. Moscow Lomonosov State University, Hittite and Indo-European  Grammar,(1951-55).

University of Vilnius, Doctorate in Baltic and Indo-European Linguistics (1980).


Employment (current positions):

Director of Russian Anthropological School at Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow (2003 – to present); Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Program of Indo-European Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (1991 – present); Leading Research Fellow of the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (1989- to present); Director of the Research Institute of World Culture of the Moscow Lomonosov State University (1992 – to present).


Honors and Awards

·        The Order of the Great Duke Gedimin (Lithuanian Republic Governmental  Decoration), August 2002.

·        Pasternak Literary Prize (Moscow), June 2002.

·        Member, The Council of Scholars of The John Kluge Humanities Center, The Library of Congress, 2001- to present

·        Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), May 2000- to present.

·        Diploma of honor of "Revue de l'histoire ancienne" ("Vestnik  drevnej istorii"), Moscow –1997.

·        UCLA Faculty Research Lecturer, Spring 1995.

·        Mongtomery Fellow, Dartmouth College, Fall 1995.

·        Prize for the best Zvezda publication (St. Petersburg) of 1995.

·        Member of the American Philosophical Society, 1994 - present.

·        Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1993 - present.

·        Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993 – present.

·        President of the Booker Prize Russian Novel Committee, 1993.

·        Member of the Russian PEN-Club, 1992 - present.

·        Medal for the achievements in semiotics of the Institute of Semiotics of the Indiana University, Bloomington- March 1991.

·        Northrop Frye Professor of Comparative Literature, University  of Toronto, Winter 1991.

·        Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), 1991 - present.

·        Member of the Council of Scholars, Library of Congress, 1990 -1995

·        The USSR Government State Prize for the book The Myths of the Peoples of the World,1990 (together with several coauthors).

·        Medal of the College de France, Paris- March, 1989.

·        Fox Fellow, Yale University, October, 1988.

·        The USSR Government Lenin Prize - for the monograph Indo- European and Indo-Europeans (in collaboration with TV  Gamkrelidze), 1988.

·        Foreign Fellow of the British Academy, 1977 - present.

·        Honorary Member of the American Linguistic Society, 1967 - present.


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